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Brigit and Cody's Big Horn,Wyoming Wedding!!

June 16, 2018 seems like it was just yesterday.... Oh the wonderful memories from Brigit and Cody's beautiful wedding day!

Here is their story:

Brigit and Cody both grew up in Wyoming. Cody is from Sheridan and Brigit is from Casper. Growing up Cody was very involved in school and sports and considered his career up to college to be pretty successful. That was until he met Brigit. Everything he did, she did, but better (except soccer according to Cody). He played sports, she played sports. He participated in Student Council, she was the president of her class and also vice president of the state wide group. He played golf, she won tournaments. He was a part of a state championship football team…she took a picture with our mascot at one of our games. They grew up one and a half hours away and never knew each other until they met at South Dakota School of Mines.

Cody said he always told himself that he was going to school for school only and that everything else would work itself out after. Then he met Brigit. Cody was at a SD Mines soccer game on September 21st, 2013 when he first met Brigit. Their first memory was at this game when they played chicken polo. Cody thought he was a hot shot with a foot polo mallet hitting a ball around. A couple of Brigit's friends asked if they could use it for a minute and then they jumped on each other’s backs and started running towards each other trying to hit the ball. Brigit's team might have lost, but none the less, this was their first moment together.

Over the course of that year, they hung out together with a large group of really great and fun people. Brigit continued to be incredibly involved in many different student organizations which Cody was also mostly a part of. Thee were sure people assumed they were joined at the hip but we lived our own lives. Many of their interests overlapped and they found themselves pretty much doing the same things. They both loved being involved in ASCE, Student Senate, and most of all, an organization Brigit helped become a campus organization, Campus Kids. The memories shared formed an amazing life long relationship. Cody's love for Brigit grew the more he learned her story. Her desire to help other people and her ambition definitely drew Cody to her.

Cody asked Brigit to be his girlfriend after one of their many game nights. He was talking to one of Brigit's bridesmaids, Kathleen, who excitedly said he should ask Brigit out on her half birthday because it would be cute. He thought it was a good idea but became very nervous because he assumed that her half birthday was going to happen within the next couple weeks which wasn’t much time. Why else would Kathleen bring it up unless she knew it would be soon right? Wrong. Cody was a month off but it makes for a great story and Brigit said yes anyway so he still came out ahead.

They both were fortunate to be able to graduate at the same time from Mines in 2016. The summer before, they both coincidentally interned for the same company but in two different locations across the US. Once the internships were over, they both were asked to hire on full time. They had no intention of working together but as the cards fell on the table, the company offered to keep them together which was a unique offer but allowed them to travel around a bit, put some money in their pockets, and be a part of some pretty cool projects while allowing them to still be somewhat separate in their roles. Brigit and Cody were lucky that they were able to make that job opportunity work but were even more excited as they had recently moved to Colorado to be closer to family and to start building their home together.

June 16, 2019 started out super gloomy and wet...We met Cody and his groomsmen at a nearby golf course, just wondering if they would get to actually golf. We did get some fun photos of them before they headed out to play the course, heard that they had a great time! Once we finished there we headed over to the salon where Brigit and her attendants were getting their hair and makeup done... What a great way to get to know a group of amazing ladies!! Then back to the hotel for the ladies to get dressed, mind you it is STILL super gloomy and wet outside. Once the ladies were ready, we headed over to the venue which was The Brinton Museum and it looked like their ceremony was going to be moved inside... but the day had different plans! The sky started to clear and the rain/drizzle stopped. We were able to get some of Brigit's bridal portraits in a poppy field of sorts that was near their venue, it was stunning, she was stunning. As we neared the ceremony time, the sun was out full force and they had an amazingly beautify ceremony and reception.

Please enjoy their day in the photo's below!!!!

Huge thank you to the vendors that help make this day great!

Venue: Brinton Museum Wedding Planner: Bride

Hair: Regina Hancock

Make-Up: Cosmo Kay Floral design: Wedding gown: Dora Grace Groom attire: Men's Warehouse DJ: Brady with Mixtape Caterer: BaumSchell Enterprises LLC Bakery: Shelby Spratt did the cake, Arlene Maxwell did the other goodies

Bartender: Killy's Liquor


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